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Britta Knobel Gupta - Studio Symbiosis




Britta Knobel Gupta, is the co-founder of Studio Symbiosis Architects. She is known for her dynamic and pioneering works with a focus on creating spaces that exist in equilibrium with their surroundings. The project portfolio displays the wide repertoire of design exploration ranging from  Master plans, Hospitality, Mixed use development, Offices, Housing and Villas.

Britta studied Architecture at the university of applied sciences in Konstanz, Germany.  For her diploma thesis she was awarded the "Contractworld Newcomer Award 2002" for Emerging talent in Europe. Following this she attended the Architectural Association for her masters in Architecture and Urbanism in the Design Research Lab program with a scholarship from DAAD, Germany, and graduated in 2006. She went on to work with Zaha Hadid Architects and was associated with the practice till 2010 as a Lead Architect designing a number of highly acclaimed visionary projects. She co-founded Studio Symbiosis Architects in 2010.

Britta has taught at the University of Brighton as a Unit Tutor for the Masters Studies, along with University of Stuttgart and School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi.

Britta's focus at Studio Symbiosis lies in creating designs that are an outcome of interfacing the various elements of program, site, context, landscape and climate, thereby resulting in the amalgamation of these design considerations in one coherent design and resonating the term “symbiosis” in the design.  

Britta's portfolio of projects at Studio Symbiosis include; Double tree by Hilton (Ahmedabad, India), Double Tree by Hilton (Kathmandu, Nepal),  Hotel and Service apartments (Mundra , Gujarat), Kanpur Riverfront Development, Trans Ganga Master plan, Allahabad Master plan, Taj Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Taj Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Information Directorate Headquarters (Lucknow, U.P.) and Punjab Kesari Headquarters(Delhi NCR), to name a few.
Studio Symbiosis projects have attained international acclaim with her designs having been awarded the German Design Award (Winner, Best Urban Design Project of the Year, 2015), Iconic Design Award ( Winner, Concept, Best Master Plan of the year, 2014). In 2014 Britta was recognized as " iGen 2014Architect of Future”. Amongst other recognitions her project for Allahabad Masterplan was recognized by WAN 2014 as being long listed for best urban design project of the year along with being shortlisted by Leaf Award for best residential project of the year. 

The projects from Studio Symbiosis have been published widely; Yahoo Homepage, Puls Magazine, Architecture into the future, Architect and Interiors India, Times of India, WAN, Arch Daily, Construction Opportunities, MGS Architecture “People Watch”, ANC Korea, Design Matrix, I&B, along with various Indian and international publications. 


Seamless waves flowing on the landscape and flowing on the façade are the focal point of the design proposal for this full service five star property. Designed as an iconic building the proposal looks at interweaving the concepts of waves in nature, fold lines as movement trajectories and perception along with programmatic requirements.

The idea of creating a design with soft subtle touches and imbibing a sense of elegance has been instilled in the proposal from the creation of the form itself. The different functions in the building with different programmatic requirements are blending together thus resulting in this iconic building. The building comprises of three waves which are very carefully translated into dramatic key spaces on the lower floors and on the upper floors they translate into room grids with focus on standardized room sizes. 

These waves emerge effortlessly from the landscape creating a sense of harmonic relationship with the ground. The profile of the building has been designed with keen emphasis given both to the smooth transition from the horizontal landscape to the vertical building and to the standardization and repetition of the façade components. 

The façade is designed as an intricate part of the building. The entire façade system feels the reverberation of the slightest of change in the external skin due to flux in the internal spaces. This interdependent relationship between the skin and structure of the building makes the system a very coherent one. 

The entry to the building has been marked with a column less cantilever that creates a dramatic entrance space. The guests are welcomed by the architecture of the canopy that follows the seamless nature of the design proposal, emerging from the ground and morphing back into it. 
On the lower three floors the proposal consists of reception lobby, shopping area, banquet hall, meeting rooms, restaurants, lounge space and service areas. All these elements are tied with a coherent design language of natural canyon like formations. The spaces are carved out using the same design principles with which a wave carves out a canyon. This helps in connecting the various public functions into one space visually which still have the capability of functioning independently. 

A spill out space in the landscape has been provided for the banquet hall whereby adding to the experience of a celebration. Thus helps in creating an animated landscape which has a direct use and is actively used and enjoyed by the guests. 

The restaurants are located amidst splendid view of the green with the fascinating façade wrapped around the restaurants making it a unique experience. The all day dining is designed in a way to create a more open feeling where the buffet would be the main attraction. As well as being visible form the main Lobby. In contrast the specialty dining is located one floor higher with an introvert character. This restaurant is about an intimate play between the senses, the space and the food, to create this sense of very intricate relationship it has zones of small and bigger more private areas. 

The roof and the last habitable floor house the spa, gym, saloon and the swimming pool. The swimming pool is located on the terrace with breathtaking views of the city. Alongside a sky lounge has also been provided here which will help guests relax, unwind and absorb the beauty of the city and the building itself. 


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