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Good Design
Zones 2015-2016
Zones 2015-2016

Designers: Teknion in-house Design Team & Pearson Lloyd Design (London, UK) Team, Teknion Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Manufacturer: Teknion Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zones is a comprehensive series of furniture that transforms the office, challenging convention and changing the way people experience work. The collection is comprised of seating, tables, screens, easels and semi-private enclosures which can be used as either intimate collaborative settings or a place of retreat for privacy. In addition to furniture settings, Zones encompasses lighting and accessories.

Zones addresses the need for focus, collaborative and workshop areas within the office environment. It includes new products, applications and settings for contemporary work styles ranging from creative, intimate, collaborative settings to places of retreat. Zones addresses the growing importance of hospitality spaces as a new form of workplace.
Influenced and inspired by the untethered, modern worker who seeks movement, flexibility and convenience, Zones transitions the workplace from one that’s fixed and formal to a space that suits a variety of preferences and working habits. The collection represents a thoughtful exploration of design concepts that address the social and technological changes driving behavior at work.
Zones components can be combined in limitless ways to create flexible, fluid work areas that exist “in between” less adaptable areas like private offices, conference rooms and high-density workstations. Zones components can be grouped together, or used separately to support a variety of spaces.
Zones embraces a merging of technology and tactility. Combining craft/natural materials (wood) and industrial materials (cast metal, molded plastic) leads to efficiency and humanity. Simple, soft edges – informal and familiar – depart from traditional workstation typologies, balancing comfort and function, softness and rigor, craft and precision engineering in a simple, neutral language.
Good Design
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