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Austrian Embassy Bangkok | Bangkok, Thailand | 2013-2017
Austrian Embassy Bangkok | Bangkok, Thailand | 2013-2017

Architects: Marlies Breuss and Michael Ogertschnig, Holodeck Architects ZT GmbH
Client: Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
Photographers: Ketsiree Wongwan

An Embassy Building as a representative of one nation in another cultural area acts as an important social, cultural and technological link. Respecting characteristics of both countries leads to a symbiotic space.

Austrian achievements in the field of research, culture, technology and production intertwines with culture specific Thai way of living and building traditions.

The created building ensemble offers an inspiring atmosphere for environmental and technological exchange within contemporary architecture.

Photovoltaic modules, optimized glass elements, low tech cooling system and construction details are technical innovations combines with local materials such as laterite, travertine and teak.

Altogether they create a holistic and sustainable building. Ethical standards and social inclusion Respect for social achievements in Thai cohabitation as well as the analysis of Thai traditional building typologies are the beginning of our design process.

One basic conclusion is the effective inclusion of typical and experienced living together in Thai housing, meaning to create a common space in the center and several buildings gathering around it, following different functional needs.

All office rooms face to the main courtyard with repeating glass elements.

In the lower level, people exit to the outside through large doors and therefore increase individual well-being.

Cantilevered roofs, trees and special sun glass protect the office areas from direct sunlight and heavy rain.

All glass elements perform high light transmission and low solar energy transportation as well as a high heat insulation value.

As in a lot of modern buildings in Thailand the glass has such a high sun protecting performance that the offices need all day artificial light, we cared a lot about the right combination of these three values to prevent artificial light during daytime, protect the inside from getting hot and permit the building to cool down during the night.

An individual smaller courtyard with trees welcomes the Thai visitors for the visa section and guides them along the guard house to the inner building part.

Waiting areas inside and outside create a vivid atmosphere while waiting under the cantilevered steel roof with photovoltaic elements.

The detached steel roof with photovoltaic elements protects the direct sun to heat up the on-site concrete roof. The detached Laterite layer with ventilating air flow keeps away the heat of the sun from the inner prefabricated concrete walls.

Shady existing trees and cantilevered steel roofs serve as sun and rain protection, whereas the steel roof serves as structure for photovoltaic elements and the flat roof above the parking area serves as rainwater collector for the cistern.

The structural concept of the buildings follows the idea of sustainability. They are designed as concrete skeletons, filled in with facades that are conceptually defined and contextually made of local materials.

Green Good Design
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