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TYIN tegnestue Architects
By Christian K. Narkiewicz-Laine. Introduction by Hans Skotte

Winners of The European Prize for Architecture in 2012, this young Norwegian firm has blazoned a humanist design direction that is community based and sustainable.  The perfectly integrated Design Ethos behind this practice is absolutely phenomenal. By involving the local designs, craft and build techniques, the final product not only is contextually accurate but aesthetically superb.

TYIN Architects was established in 2008 as a not-for-profit humanitarian design organization with the main mission to improve the human spirit; increase an awareness of environmental and/or address climate change; respond to our world’s growing need for clean water, power, shelter, healthcare, and education; and address the human crisis.

TYIN’s key aspect of an ‘architecture of necessity’ is about decisions that have real consequences for real people now, but also in the future and the involvement with the local people in a project ensures that there is a connection with culture, philosophy and vision of the people.

Over the last few years, the office has completed several recent projects in the poor and underdeveloped nations of Thailand, Burma, Haiti, Uganda, and Sumatra, as well as designing and building in the vernacular tradition of their native Norway.

Those projects include: Cassia Co-op Training Centre (2011) in Padang, Sumatra; Klong Toey Community Lantern (2011) in Bangkok, Thailand; Old Market Library (2009) Bangkok, Thailand; Safe Haven Bathhouse and Library (2009), Tak Province, Thailand/Burma; and Soe Ker Tie House (2008) Noh Bo, Thailand/Burma.

By involving the local populace actively in both the design and building of their projects, TYIN are able to establish a framework for mutual exchange of knowledge and skills.  All materials used in TYIN´s projects are collected close to the sites or purchased from local merchants.

In Christian Narkiewicz-Laine's introduction, "Sustainable Architecture for the Poor," he writes: "TYIN architects have become the cause célèbre for a new generation of young practitioners who understand that architecture must be 'shaped by factors like the wind, sun, nature and the individuality, culture, and economic condition of the residents,' much as the Modernist Egyptian Architect, Hassan Fathy had so appropriately and heroically heralded in the 1940s and 1950s. The example of these young Norwegian architects is paramount in the coming decades for the Third World’s success at sustainability, urbanization, and social development, which contributes substantially to our world’s greater peace and harmony.”

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