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NeoFuturism and the New Baroque

By Christian Narkiewicz-Laine

The making of contemporary iconic architecture today confounds one with impossibilities, with floating buildings, indecipherable volumes, untraceable paths of light, spaces seemingly less related to real, livable space than something from a virtual dimension.

This new visionary architecture is composed by fantastic, streamlined paintings, together with innovative, whimsical 3-D models, and monumentally complex conceptual plans and renderings—and then built sometimes in concrete, metal, and glass, which signals are new kind of Baroque design.

These new Avant-garde buildings are breaking exciting ground in global architectural design today. The work is visionary and totally breathtaking, not only reflecting a creative genius by today’s practitioners, but also uncompromising attitudes.

Architecture in this early part of the 21st-Century has marked a departure from previous stated norms with a new, idealistic belief in a better future and the need to synthesize a modern design approach with a new technology and the byproducts of new materials to create previously impossible architectural forms.

These new buildings combine a new design attitude utilizing the most technically-advanced buildings systems, boasting ecosystems and the latest eco-sustainable materials and the latest energy systems.

The buildings today are never bland or mundane, but moreover assertive statements of a particular view.

Resulting is a new Advant-garde lead by Visionary architects and urbanists who believe in cities releasing emotions, driven by eco-sustainability, ethical values, and implementing new materials and new technologies to provide a better quality of life for city-dwellers.

Included in this survey of about new 350 projects are a variety of building types from new skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, corporate offices, commercial high-rises, apartments, mid-rise housing, religious and institutional buildings, museums, cultural institutions, libraries, colleges and schools, restaurants, exposition buildings, hotels and resorts, auditoriums, affordable housing, private residences, art galleries, sports facilities, banks, hospitals and health clinics, transportation centers, restorations and renovations, interiors, plazas and boulevards, parks, city planning, and landscape architecture worldwide.

The checklist of buildings and urban plans contained in Avant-Garde Architecture are drawn from submissions to The Chicago Athenaeum’s prestigious annual “International Architecture Awards.”

A 650-page book entitled, Avant-Garde Architecture published by Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. accompanies the exhibition.

ISBN 0-935119-57-4
650 pages
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