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Leading Designers for American Architecture Awards 
"We had the great opportunity to award the best choice of submission's to this year's annual American Architecture Awards. I was keenly impressed by the quality and creativity of today's architecture in the United States. We saw amazing architecture especially by young, emerging American architects. The wide range of projects from designs for interiors to skyscrapers and from urban planning projects to fine exhibition concepts were incredible." 

- Markus Fischer, Head of Corporate Design, FESTO AG

 "I was surprised by the variety of styles in American Architecture today.  It is clear that through this variety there does not seem to be one principal or dominating school of thought. The large amounts of private houses might explain a rather small amount of what might be called ‘experimental architecture’ today. Most important, I was astonished to see very little architecture that was simply out there to impress." 

- Karim Habib, Senior Manager Advanced Design Germany, 
  Mercedez-Benz Cars Development, Daimler AG

 "The enormous diversity in American Architecture, and the high level of architectural quality was a revelation. To find the best in what was submitted, the jury was more interested in discussions concerning the problems of the environment, social context, technical and constructive solutions, the responsible use of energies, and the sensitive use of materials. In the end, there were many interesting examples in what was submitted and finally awarded. Most interesting was the fresh approach by the younger generation of American architects and the emerging new architecture firms in the U.S.” 

- Dieter Herrmann, Herrmann + Bosch Architekten

 "I think it is a fantastic idea to judge so many projects and to give so many awards.  I am always in awe of the ability of the architect to change the user's environment and the perception of the world around him.” 

- Karim Habib, Senior Manager Advanced Design Germany
  Mercedez-Benz Cars Development, Daimler AG

"American Architecture is getting greener, more sustainable, innovative and diverse. They combine a higher quality of living standard with the demand for affordable costs in an innovative way. This seems to be an important characteristic for living in urban surrounds in the future.” 

- Markus Fischer, Head of Corporate Design, FESTO AG
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