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Criteria/Eligibility for Designers

  • Designers under the age of 40 (as of December 31, 2015).
  • Designers who are working as individual practitioners or collaborating inside an established firm as the principal lead designer of the products submitted.
  • Professionals in Design, Graphics, Fashion and Textile Design can apply.
  • Be a citizen of one of the 28 European States or of an accession state or Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Lichtenstein, Albania, Monaco, Andorra, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldavia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Canary Islands, Faeroe Islands, San Marion and Iceland.
  • Submitted products include: electronics, medical equipment, furniture, textiles, equipment, hardware, tools, kitchen and bath, floorcovering, table top, household products, personal effects, appliances, office products, transportation, children's products, sports and recreation, lighting, public environments, fashion and graphic design.

Criteria/Eligibility for Architects

  • Architects who have achieved recognition for the quality of their work in their own country or sphere and are emerging internationally.
  • Architects who explore new, creative, and innovative ideas and experiment in design and new materials, fostering a concern for the environment and add to our greater understanding of humanity.
  • Submitted projects (built and unbuilt) include: corporate architecture, skyscrapers, institutional projects, religious buildings, civic and political structures, planning projects, urban renewal, restoration/renovation, residential architecture for single family and multi-family dwellings, stores, residential or commercial interiors, sports and transportation centres, and public environments.

Please enter your e-mail address here. You will receive an auto-response to this e-mail address after your entry has been successful. You will also receive a personal ID number, which will assist you to track and make changes to your submission. This response will not be an invoice.

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Payment and upload

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*Each application must be accompanied by the application fee of €200.

For Architecture Applicants:
Up to six (6) images of the project (up to 6mb per image, 300dpi, 10cm X 10cm, .jpeg/.jpg/.tiff file formats all plans sections and elevations any additional information should be in .pdf, also a one page description of the project in MSWord or .pdf and uploaded with the other files in .zip or .rar format. Maximum allowed file upload is 20MB. Please put each Project in a separate labeled folder prior to zipping the file.

For Design Applicants:
1 image of the product (up to 6MB per image, 300dpi, 10cm X 10cm, .jpeg/.jpg/.tiff file formats) any additional information should be in MSWord or .png and uploaded with the other files in .zip or .rar format. Maximum allowed file upload 20MB each. Please put each product in a separate labeled folder prior to zipping the file.
Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your files, your uploads may take some time to complete.

Notice: If you are uploading .zip or .rar files larger than 20MB your application will not be completed.

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